Sunday, March 18, 2012

150th Anniversary of the Departure of the Boanerges

One hundred and fifty years ago today two young married couples and about 450 other emigrants left Southampton for Australia on the Boanerges.  The ship sailed on the evening of Tuesday March 18th 1862. The temperature was about 40°F, and an east to northeasterly wind was blowing. By the next morning a mist had set in, however, there was no rain. The emigrants started their voyage on a relatively calm sea.

The two couples were sisters Eliza NAPPER and Fanny NAPPER and their new husbands, Robert DENMAN and Simeon IRELAND. Both couples had married a week earlier at South Petherton, Somerset. Eliza and Fanny had visited a studio with their mother to have their photograph taken shortly before departure. They never saw their mother or father again. Simeon and Fanny IRELAND were my great great grandparents.

I have written an article about this voyage which I am happy to send to anyone who is interested.

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